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Check your jurisdiction's laws before using Freshwater Tags to mark your fishing gear.

Contact your local game warden or your state's DNR or Parks and Wildlife Department if you have questions.

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Freshwater Tags are waterproof gear tags for marking fishing equipment. The tags can be filled in with a china marker (grease pencil). One side has blanks for filling in the owner information. The other side has blanks for recording the date and time the equipment was last checked.

Freshwater Tags can be used to mark setlines, limblines, trotlines, jugs, noodles, minnow traps, crayfish traps, or any other equipment that requires a gear tag.
Freshwater Tags each come with a ziptie to attach the tag to your fishing gear. Each order includes one china marker (grease pencil) for marking the tags. Additional china markers can be ordered.
Fill in the front with the information required by your jurisdiction. Not all jurisdictions require all blanks to be completed, and some might require different information. Check with your state's DNR or Parks and Wildlife Department for regulations. If required, fill in the date and time on the back each time you check your equipment, up to 10 times.
Yes! Freshwater Tags can be used in brackish or salt water. They are very durable, and are made by a company that makes similar tags for marking lobster traps in the North Atlantic.